Our lifestyle collection will make you fall in love.

Discover in this collection a wide choice of clothes, each one more comfortable than the next. From t-shirts to jogging pants, including our sweatshirts and fleeces, this collection offers you the choice of creating a total WATTS look for staying at home or for your sporting activities.

Our teams have worked to create comfortable clothing that can adapt to all situations, from the sofa to the mountains but also to the sea. We aim to offer you clothing that is pleasant to wear thanks to its breathable material for the most part. . Our range of products in this collection will allow you to create a wide choice of outfits for each season. A majority of our products are made from recycled materials, while keeping your favorite technicalities.

By creating this lifestyle collection we wanted to offer you clothing that could follow you in each of your adventures, from the most reasonable to the craziest. We also wanted our clothes to be an integral part of your daily life.

Adopt our lifestyle collection and give us your feedback so that it suits you even more.