Children are also entitled to their WATTS collection

Yes, fashion starts younger and younger! And when you're passionate about skiing, you want the best, regardless of your age.

From this observation, we decided to create a WATTS collection for kids, a collection where we find technical and lifestyle clothing, but also and above all clothing adapted to their body shape and taste!

Every day we promote the pleasure of surfing, skiing and snowboarding. We like to see the new generations surpass us, impress us. It was therefore logical and obvious to us that they could practice their sport in the best conditions.

Each new collection is an ode to the madness of youth and their audacity!

Pants or jacket, sweatshirt or boardshort, as for adults, color is at the heart of our collections, but like adults we want the same quality and we have the same requirements.

Discover with them our new products, designed with our child's eyes and our adult commitment!